Blood is too boring in my humble opinion

I think blood in UII should be more detailed then in U3 like the water puddles (-reflection). It should dry out over time instead of just disappearing, and maybe leave a temporary hard to see imprint on the place where it landed and dryed off.


PvE servers will look like hell.


Blood could be disabled if it’s PvE.

He’s right there already is a option in 3.0 to disable blood so that could be a thing if it get’s implemented.

I believe in nelsons Trello wishlist he brought up tracking blood trails left from enemies. You might be in luck.

PvE servers will look like VALHALLA

It would also be interesting for injured animals to bleed and leave traces of blood as well. Being able to show places where they will run to and possibly, since the animals die of bleeding, where they died.

for the sake of realism !

i would suggest a more dynamic approach meaning that if you shoot a zombie it would leave a bullet hole and could potentally take chucks out and the blood will flow out. depending on the age of decomposition of the zombie the bullet could go through

Dude, I just want a gore/destructible system like Metal Gear Rising, probably won’t get that, since it would lag like hell, but maybe… Just maybe…

I really enjoy the splatters from splatoon and portal, where the edges of the liquid are lower because of surface tension, instead of just being a shiny decal.

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Blood for the Blood God

You guys ever read a word so much that it looks like its spelt wrong

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(continuing from previous comment)

All in all an updated blood graphic wouldn’t be too terrible

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