Blood splatters

It’s gets darker when it’s dry.

And smells like rusts too.
Tastes like rusts.
Be the rusts.

Please don’t eat rusts.

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It gets darker when it’s out of the body (like after an hour) because the cells start to die. That’s why when you walk up on a stab victim who has been dead overnight, there blood is black.

Ah. But red blood cell aren’t like others type of cells.

Long complicated basics of how blood became darker.

You see. They don’t have “most of the stuffs” that other type of cells has. So they can carries more oxygen.

As the blood is exposed into the air. Their concentration of “watery-cell-stuffs” decrease. And therefore. It’s became darker and darker until it’s dark brown or black. (Because hemoglobin isn’t “liquid” so they stick around. Infact they stick around so great that makes a clean up of them a pain in the arse.) Red blood cells cannot do what’s regular cells do. They can only carried oxygen. That’s why there’s little to no cases of “blood cancer” because of how they lacks the cell stuffs.

Why did I wrote this?
Because I’m bored.

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