Blowtorch Suggestion

Ok so in unturned 3.0 there is a blowtorch.
It can heal bases.
However, it damages players.

I think that in unturned II,
Nelson should make blowtorches heal players.
If the player is wearing armor,
it would also be repaired.

T. Hanks for listerine.


Finally. Someone said it.


yes bro, they must be very brave

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I think I heard of this. Coaterizing, realisitc as fuck!


We’re made out of metal.


Omk but first have skill to upgrade, then give heal from blowtorc
REalistic an fun…

Ted tlak

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Very Epic suggestion Nelson pls add.


e should make blowtorch burn wood bases that would be realistic!

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maybe you could use it to cauterize wounds or heat up a metal rod to cauterize the wound

give the other player a stick to bite on as well for the most historically accurate middle ages surgery experience

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Wouldn’t using a blowtorch on human skin burn the fuck out of it?
The armor repair mechanic could be nice.
Cauterizing a wound to stop bleeding with a metal object would work like @stuttgart_flugart said.
I think it should not heal you. Burning a wound shut to stop bleeding hurts like hell.
It should stop bleeding if you use it with a metal rod or something else but i think it should do a little bit of damage. 5-10 damage but it would stop the bleeding.

Edit : “Realism for the sake of realism isn’t fun” i know that nelson is not trying to make this a ultra-super realistic real life survival apocalypse game but having a blowtorch that burns at 1000-3000 Celsius/2000-5000 Fahrenheit heal you sounds and feels a bit weird…

If i inhale propane in game and use a lighter as I breathe out, would it work as a makeshift blowtorch ingame??? I need answer danbkai2

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Stop! you’ve violated the law. No suggestion is a good suggestion if it’s wanted purely for realistic purposes. Read more about it here, i’m also going to have to report your comment. The whole "Realism for Realism" is bad and the opinions on realistic game mechanics
“What?! No! i’m sorry, I won’t do it again”
It’s ok, you’ve seen the error in your ways and decided to improve upon yourself, only rarely I will undo a report, if you think it was unjust, contact me via dms. Reports function as a punishment, and you need to think about your actions for next time.
obviously not going to report

Also why is this shitpost not in community lounge, are you violating the law danby>?!!??


it was a joke

Everyone knows that

omg…thats 69 iq

This was posted in the u4 category as although the contents were quite humurous (subjective) in contrast to all the realism suggestions, imo unturned 4 should definitely build on some of the funny/wacky features from 3 and not take itself too seriously :slight_smile:


That’s a good point

ah yes, no offense but this is kinda semi-mb-a-little-ratarded :slight_smile:

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blowtorch that harms bases but heals players. there. i said it.