So how about map editor bodies, like you can spawn them in, choose the clothes they wear, skin color, face, ect. then you can move the limbs and stuff so say, you can make a body hanging out of a window. Thats really all there is to it. or you could make a dead guy in a car. Or dead soldiers and zombies. whatever


really wanted this for 3.0. Definitely agree.

Let me guess, you want the bodies to be lootable so you can use them as loot locations too?


not exactly.
wanted them more of as cosmetic, instead of loot

Well it’s my ideal then. Also boxes you have to smash to loot.


So we can put bodys like they are hanged with a rope and logan paul will come to unturned and vlog it

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We don’t like his kind. He’s perfectly welcome to pose with the zombie corpses however.


Not sure about destroyable boxes with loot but I’m pretty confident there’s gonna be an option to create lootable objects in editor.

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