Body carrying, posing, and preservation

Don’t have my much to say on this, basically, you can pick up bodies, throw them/set them down, and after that, use a sort of editor to make them posed in a certain way. Them after you have done so, you can make the permanent.

Would be useful for rp stuff

Gotta go. Bye

What kind of RP are you talking about? This? /s

Once you “make the permanent” would their inventory still be accessible?


I’m not gonna click on that…

Anyways, I mean more of “police crime scenes” and streets filled with dead people on survival rp scenes.

Heck, maybe it could even be used to deter players from attacking you.

(like bodies hung from your walls or something)

Oh… that’s less depressing. But okey.

Ah yes raider decorations…

I think it would only work with certain type of people imo. Still, I guess.

Can we make a hangrope (or knot) out of rope as an extra feature for rope in II?

So I can kms hang my meat.


So you can make em jack off

So you kill someone then drag their body wherever you want and turn it into a permanent container. Or you could even spam kill yourself and get infinite storage.

Hmm… Actually, maybe you or anyone in your group can’t carry their own bodies.

And maybe, if a character just suicides, then his body can be dragged off. It will decay just as normal.

(also maybe if the bodies are preserved, they have only around a 2by4 storage storage area. )

I prefer actual manekins or straw dolls instead… So no thanks.

I’ve seen enough creep stuff these last 2 days.


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