Body damage

If someone hits you at the leg, you go slower and you can’t jump. At the arm, your accuracy becomes worse (if you handle a 2-hand gun like maplestrike, but if you hold a 1-hand gun like 1911 it will shoot normally), at the head you will directly kill him. This is a option, so if you check it will be as i said, and if you uncheck it will do like unturned 3.x (3/4 shots at the head and 7/8 in the torso). I hope you can understand what i wrote.


I like your idea but id like to be visible at the body ( to see the blood at the arm if it is shoot )

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IIRC Nelson said somwhere on his AMA a year or so back that he didn’t like the idea of specific body part conditions/injuries, especially from gunshots, since they can be so random. Someone can spray you down, not attempting to hit your arms or legs or anything, but randomly you’re suddenly incapacitated with no way to fight back. Plus, breaking specific body parts can be easily exploited for trolling (shooting people’s legs out in DayZ comes to mind).

Of course, Nelson could have changed his stance on the topic, or I could be misremembering altogether, but I’m fairly certain that was Nelson’s stance on it at that given time.

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I was just about to comment that,
Nelson said something like (I have terrible memory)
The guy wasn’t aiming for your lungs so its random that you cant breath in response to organ damage requests

He just said it makes you go a bit slower, like fallout 4s crippling system.

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