Bootleg RP song

Song about Bootleg RP and my love for the movie Cars.

Bootleg RP x Radiator Sprig ft.Matt, Lightning McQueen


Uh uh
Uh uh uh uh (kachow)

I hopped that curb like tow mater (yuh)
7 racks in the truck tire (ah huh)
Taxis in the wayside (yuh)
Inflation running real high (yea)
Uh uh

Doc fixed my tow truck (yuh)
Mater in the night (that’s right)
10 rakes in my inventory (yuh yuh)
Mask on, Hands Up
Dang, not my flashlight (uh oh)

Catching squid for the glory(ah man)
Turned left to go right (yuh)
Taxis with the fishes, (what?)
Swimming underneath the bridges (uh uh)
Gave the cops a story (yuh)
Alibi says your alright (shork shork)
Uh uh
Yuh uh

Still got my tire (that’s right)
King lost his title (sad sad)
Logged in the union, gotta take a slumber
Airdrop on my pad (yuh)
Took all my lumber (what?)

Union on my back (uh)
Stacking up the tires(yuh)
Got Lightning on the track(yuh)
But it’s Wayside thats on fire (not again)

(Lightning McQueen)

Uh uh uh
Speedway lookin’ real fine (yea)
Turned left to go right (yuh)
Piston cup in the back (uh)
Where the heck is Mack? (Sleepin’)

Tow trucks in the mansion (yuh)
Blueberries gettin’ planted (uh)
Wish I hadn’t camped it (duh?)
Taxis unlocked, gotta send it (yuh yuh)

Doc with the lock (salvage?)
Lightning isnt missin’ (what what)
Metal Gates unattended (yuh)
Can’t sell, but I’m fishin’(bruh)


Turned left to go right (uh)
Farming union isn’t on-line (that’s right)
Guess I’ll starve (yuh)
It’s fine (yuh)

Walked back from spawn (yuh)
Kit starter, all mine (no no)
Cooldown like my bank account (what?)
Sitting at zero, and hard to find (ha ha ha)
Yuh yuh

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