Boss Fight: Shocker


A mega-type Turned boss with a body wreathed in electricity.

The boss fight takes place in a dark and abandoned underground lab where phase one begins with the playyer having to restore power to the lights by activating several generators and power circuits while the Shocker is chasing the player through the lab. It can also conduct through the walls in this phase. At this point it only uses its melee attack. Throughout this phase, the player can stun the Shocker using flashbangs, flares, and other bright sources of light; however, the boss also releases periodic EMP bursts that temporarily disable electronics such as nightvision, flashlights, weapon lights, etc.

Once the player restores power, the Shocker enters phase two. In this phase it can be damaged, but it also gains a new set of attacks. At this point the boss fight transitions into a circular room full of lab equipment that the player can take cover behind.

  • Strike: Similar to the current litghtning boss, the bolt cannot be dodged and can only be blocked. Riot shields will work work this purpose if the player is crouching.

  • Chain Lightning: The Shocker sends five consecutive bolts of electricity across the room that ricochet on any surface that they hit.

  • Ball Lightning: The Shocker summons balls of lightning that it then throws at the player. These balls have a quirk of passing through cover.

  • Charge: The Shocker rubs it hands together, much like a debrifiliator, and conducts around the room, martializing when near the player and attempting to shock them at close range.

  • Blue Jet: This Shocker glows with blue lightning and slams his fists into the ground. Columns of blue lightning will then erupt from the floor.

  • Red Sprite: The Shocker glows with red lightning and an area of air will suddenly glow red before the attack hits.

  • Shockwave: The Shocker will send out a circular, but slow, shockwave of lightning that must be jumped over or crouched under.

  • Lightning Shield: Passive ability. When active, bullets passing through are melted and have no effect.

When the Shocker is defeated, the player will receive the achievement “Never Strikes Twice.”

You’re claiming that the mega zombies will be the same, unturned II will be a much more realistic game severaloes of zombies continued, but electric zombies, explosives, spits acid I find it difficult to continue but considering that nelson plans to make possible a journey between dimensions and plants in buildings that have seen monsters I think this suggestion is very plausible.

I can easily see Turned deveoping bioelectric organs similar to electric eels, as well as explosive buildup of gases caused by decay and acid glands.

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but what if the turned aren’t “Dead”? they wouldnt decay and gases wouldnt build up… unless they mutated for the gases to build up, then basically expand on “command” or “damage”

I dunno

tmw something being dead literally is what causes decay

and congratulations, of course the glands are too strong to be able to release acid so far, the body is dead but it does not matter (realism is only realism is bad).

sorry, typo. it was supposed to be aren’t

Excuse me, but here’s the thing: these are undead, and are reanimated using some extraterriestrial parasitic fungus plant fucker that stimulates the brain using electric impulses, thus allowing the trans-dimensional species of what is clearly a Keter-class world-destruction organism to allow the deceased corpse of whatevever it is to be controlled by the alien fucker.
Therefore, in my scientific opinion, theoritically it is perfectly possible and within the realm of reality of a fucking post-apocalyptic open-world survival game to implement certain types of Turned enemies that have certain abilities such as camouflage, projectile vomiting acid, and among other abilities that no ordinary human can, but an undead human controlled by a fucking parasite is perfectly possible and should be added to Unturned II.
Also, you don’t have to undermine my intelligence when you are speaking to me I can understand very well. I am not the only person complaining about your excessive inconsiderate behavior. For your information, I have put in SEVERAL work orders and have SEVERAL blankets, socks, etc. I have NEVER put the heat on 77 and knowing that you’re basically telling me to fuck off is not okay with me so if you want to make this bigger than it has to be we can. Obviously you don’t feel like 70 or 72 is a reasonable temperature because you constantly place the air on 68/69. Like I said in the last message be more considerate because we are FREEZING over here. And if you didn’t know they sell fans at the store so there is DEFINITELY something you can do to get colder. The season is WINTER not SUMMER. That being said goodnight.

Also, don’t you dare lecture me about realism.
I defined a large majority of the realism in a lot of suggestions about guess what?

We have no idea what will be going on in 4.0 DOUGHNUT ASSUME

Other than the alternate universe stuffu

I’m not teaching you and I would not waste my time doing this, according to this is just an alien worm. I find it hard to be able to give super powers to a dead being, we can almost be sure that this being is just a parasite that enters the brain when you die and comes back to life with some primitive instincts, so do not make comments saying it’s possible because it is not but it does not mean it can not be added it’s just a game everything is possible if you could not interpret what I meant I did not need to question your intelligence you’ve already proven it all alone, I do not want to start a fight here goodbye .

As for the part of fuckin ‘I’m Brazilian and "fuckin’" here can mean “let it go or it does not matter”, sorry if I offended you.

I was shitposting in the last part, if you didn’t recognize that by now.
And what’s to say that the abilities aren’t of the dead body, but of the parasite itself, not to mention the Turned in Unturned II are actually some sort of weird plant/parasite/fungal hybrid?

So how can a dead body endure the use of powers without breaking up?

It’s not dead, just reanimated. I’m pretty sure advanced and mutated variants of the Turned simply use their hosts as a framework as you will, and develops its own organs and parts that allow the use of abilities such as releasing spores, generating bioelectricity, acid glands similar to carnivorous plants, etc.

I think that the body of the host is nothing but a vessel for the Turned biomass. After a while, it begins to control the internal functions of he vessel and also possibly creating improvements.

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