Bosses More Scary

In 3.0 how you view a boss zombie.

well i think in a thing.

  • i have a knife! well, now i go kill the boss!
    i dont stay with joke in 3.0 its possible kill the boss zombie using a knife.


_Bosses give a high loot
_Bosses Dont research you patrol when you stay out of the zombies zone.
_Its easy scape in a emergency situation.

Because this i propose a rework in boss adding things, this things are:

Common powers - All boss zombies go have
  • High life
  • High damage
  • “Shoot With a rock”
  • NEW A “shout” (A huge song to call other players and maybe other zombies when start the fight)

Spec Powers - All boss zombies go have but are aleatory

Go activate when the zombie stay with maybe 60% of HP and go variable

  • Rush (the zombie go accelerate in your direction causing a letal damage in anything in your way)
  • I just had this idea. open to discut.

Legendary Power - Rare a boss zombies have but when have you stay fu---d

Things “impossible” to win like

  • Start spawning zombies
  • Start a jump in all directions
    any like this

My idea is just transform the zombies and your loots in things more just. with merit. and transform a hunting a boss zombie a thing more dangerous alerting other players that the boss is in combat.

I’m not sure if you are already, but I’d recommend typing things out in your native language and then putting them into google translate. Hopefully it will make more sense.

Não tenho certeza se você já é, mas eu recomendo digitar as coisas em sua língua nativa e, em seguida, colocá-los no google tradutor. Espero que faça mais sentido.


see zero… i’ve seen you’ve become more… whats the word im looking for… ohh never mind. Ive seen you’ve learned from your last post that you should think more before posting it. I do like the ideas.

dude you suggest good things every now and then I really suggest you translate from your language in google and just paste it in, takes me double the time to understand than it is to read.

anyway, your idea is good but dont we have more powerful zombies already? we have the (sorry I forgot their names) electric mega zombie, the fire one and and the “ground stomper” one.
so unless you’re want to have a bigger variety of megas then then we need more powers for them or make them behave differently by maybe making them the only ones that see you from afar and the only ones that roam around a lot which makes it hard to just walk behind him unnoticed (and roaming for zombies is already planned for 4.x so…)

and yeah, I think they are easy if there are not players around you.

I GO remake The post.

IMHO, bosses terrify me already, but that’s just me. How scary something is relies on your own conditioning.

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