Does anyone think there is gonna be bosses in unturned? But maybe not zombies, maybe some mutated zombies, half zombies, half humans, maybe half animal, something horrific, a bosses that would be by far more powerfull than anything the player have ( something that would need ~1000 or even 2000 - 5000 rounds to be defeated )

This post is lacking from a lot of information. No category but you still refer to “Unturned” so I guess 3.0, did you wanted to say more bosses (since we already have a few ones) ? Aren’t the current ones already pretty mutated ?

Also, how can a zombie be half zombie :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?


Probably someone going insane from them being infected. Imagine having to fight someone struggling for their life…
Unturned just reached a new level of post-apocalyptic.

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Or they’re just steroid users.

Mental instablity doesn’t really effected physical instabilty. Otherwise the asylum would be a no-no zone.

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Which Unturned? #unturned-3 or #unturned-4?

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I had an idea where you fought Nelson and he could bend the surrounds of the boss room and he would throw dryers at you. I think I was high when I thought of this.

Explosive dryers then we’ll talk.

also having war cries like “4.0 will be delayed” or something like that.


Infinite health and were talking more.
Buy gold! STHOP begging! No my likeness is subject to copyright! I’ll get battleye on you! Pff, mere mortals like you cannot best me!