Bragging about attachments

I feel like attachments like suppressors or muzzles should get more benefits that would motivate players to actually use them - 30 shot durability is just wack, not to mention the makeshift muffler, that can only last for 10 shots total. Futhermore, makeshit muffler is the only barrel attachment that can be installed on civilian guns such as 1911, Ace, Schofield, Hawkhound, Makeshift Rifle, Sportshot and maybe something else I might have missed. Bulkiness and the incredibly low durability make it a very niche and rarely used attachment. My idea is to double the durability of suppressors and muzzles (military, ranger and the makeshift one) and to allow to equip the ranger and/or military attachments on civilian weapons.

P.S. make a 6x scope or something, makeshift one is too bulky and is the only decent scope on maps like Yukon.


I actually like the idea of adding a 6x scope or something in that range. +1


I would also like for more guns to allow sight attachments cause its funny and cool.

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It would be cool to have a suppressor you can put on your gun that would change the firing sounds to Nelson’s voice.

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