I don’t know what you mean, P2W isn’t really a thing in BrainOut.

Paid users aren’t that common, and a skill advantage always beats a gear advantage every time. I’m guessing you’re low level?

Ah ok, but i still having problems of lag, so i can’t still playing

Yo, sorry for the big necro, but is brainout still good? Is it dead, (but most importantly) is it free? Any of y’all still play?

Brainout has a sharp learning curve, but it most certainly fun and free.

BrainOut is certainly in a state comparable to U3 where it’s long past what many vets would consider the golden age, but it’s still decent fun for when you want quick stints of action.

For example, I recently got @anon95004049 into BrainOut and he’s enjoyed it so far. I’ve personally retired from B/O though, being at almost 100% F2P progress completion.

(I’ve introduced like, what, 20 people here now? Shit)

man i am one lucky motherfucka

Anyone fancy playing around 4:00 est today?

Sure, although the new level brackets means that I’d need a direct invite from you to play with you.

According to Nuc I have the reflexes of an F22 pilot. We’ll see if that holds up, though I’m a bit rusty :frowning:

lOl i am have dead and leave unturne’d dont mention me please :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

For sone reason there was only one server with one person on, (but i have discovered free play and that is lit). (I probably had my server settings janked).

The game has a small but consistent playerbase.

Be sure you turn off filters, and if you grow desperate, switch to All Regions. Really though the best you can do is be on at peak hours.

man what a small playerbase

2 sizes 2 small

There’s still more people in the B/O Discord than in the Unturned Discord.

It’s not to be underestimated.

How do i level up skills, i cant seem to find a sjill tree…

That’s because a skill tree doesn’t exist, nor does a conventional skill system entirely.

You may want to check this out. Outdated, but the basics are there.

huh, lets check this game out

Once you figure out how to do stuff, it really is a very good game. GHJ’s guide didnt explain some things, like how to trophy enemy weapons (it is a little buggy) and how to spend the rubles you get from free play.

Again, the guide is outdated and incomplete.

It’s more of a really barebones starter guide. Still beats the absence of a tutorial

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How to i switch to the underbarrel grenade launcher?

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