Breaking Objects

Now what i mean by this is you can do more from breaking objects.Cause in 3.0 you break a wooden barier and you dont get anything from it at least when you break it you can get some planks or a sharp piece of wood. Now in 4.0 mirros and such has been intoduced so maybe you could break the glass to get a glass shard which you can use to kill the TURNED Or maybe even make a spear with the shard. That would be quite cool cause then if u break an object you get something more usefull from it.
Like i said in 3.0 it does not have those features

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I think it should stay like how it is in 3.0

Naw, it adds some interesting stuff

BTW I’m talking to sky

I think it makes logical sense that you’d tear down a road sign to use its metal.


Hahaha NO glass is to easy to break so makeing a spear is unrealistic usualy I dont care about realistic features but this is weird feature for any video game . Everything else is ok

It’s actually relatively easy to make a spear (even with a glass tip), I mean, it’s literally a primitive weapon that humans have made without the use of tools or modern crafting knowledge…


Glass is easy to break

Not if you make it thick enough, it’s a spear, all you need is the pointy bit to stab with.

Also, glass is actually really strong in compressive strength. The only reason it breaks is because of tensile strength where it gets stretched and shatters - but in a spear’s head, compressive strength matters far more. It’s the equivalent of a rock in compressive strength.

Not to mention there are examples of realistic games (e.g. NEO Scavenger) that allow you to use a glass shard as a spear head.

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Glass from a window usually breaks from horzontal tension. If I tape a piece of glass onto a stick it would be using vertical tension, which is a lot harder to break.

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