As everyone knows, unturned is a half roleplay half survival game now. My suggestion is: Broadcasting and filming system. It will work like this: People will build broadcast towers (portable and industrial sizes)the farther from the tower, the lower the broadcast quality. Players will able to livestream on tv or radio. Or they can boardcast whatever they filmed, with, drones, high or low quality cameras. People will able to make music with piano so they can record it and stream on tv or radio. They will lock tv channels so only military or wathever can see those channels. They will have to record image and sound separately so they can put music on video as their choice. They will edit videos and sounds like old times (with scissors and tape). And people will able to switch between channels. And towers will be able to communicate between each other. I know it looks like bad idea and looks useless but it will work on both survival and roleplay servers. You’re wondering “why we need this on survival servers?” Listen, successful players will broadcast for newbies(like me), tell them what to do. Or communicate betwween each other. With those, i guess, KOSers may decrease bc players can trust each other. It came to my mind while i am trying to sleep, this is why it’s a brilliant idea. Nelson, if you see this, contact me for more details.


Your post implies that UII is going to be a roleplay game or you’re making a suggestion for Unturned


I like the general idea, but then more for walkie talkies and radio and nothing related to visuals.

Camera systems will probably work locally and I dont think something like the “internet” should be a thing.


Doesnt fits on Unturned :expressionless: in my opinion, bad idea, i dont like it


It would make sense for walkie talkies that you get a better signal if you get close and a bad signal if you’re far away.

Nelson’s going for full survival for Unturned II. Broadcasting or watching videos on an Unturned TV or computer would make for a cool mod idea though. I mean, there’s a security camera mod in Unturned for god’s sakes.

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I could understand the audio aspect, and maybe with npcs having possible options for voiced dialogue, but not completely needed. like a grunt of their voice or the first few words/word they are saying. And for an option for modders to make a radio station system similar to the radio music mods we have today, however you could broadcast them through walkies somehow, maybe with a satellite relay system (which would be a cool idea for 3.0 too)

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