Broken Generators

You can find broken generators: with 2/3 metal sheets and 1 blowtorch you can repair the generators. After an amount of time, a generator that is on for a lot of time will overheat and smoke; in that case, you have to use a blowtorch while having in your inventory 2/3 metal sheets. For preventing this, just use less the generators, and while looking at an placed generator you can look the temperature: if a cagelight is on, it will overheat less, but if you have 5/6 spotlights, it will overheat much faster. So, you have to check that a lot to prevent overheating because after 3/4 times you break it you can’t repair it anymore. I hope you understood me, sry for bad english

I don’t really understand why there’d be broken generators, but I’d see the usefulness coming from salvaging the parts of one instead of trying to use it.


To add more difficulty in the game. Maybe in Hard or Normal mode

Again, if the generator was to malfunction this often you’d need to constantly repair it, on top of the existing fuel consumption where fuel would be quite valuable. I don’t see why anybody would actually use the broken generator. It’d be much more believable that someone would just salvage all the parts from the generator that weren’t broken and use it in the process of assembling a brand new one.


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