Broken Groups

Since no fix came in the recent update perhaps it wasn’t noticed by enough people. It would seem since the compass update half the unturned population is unable 5o accept group invites. Some can while a lot of others can’t. I don’t know if I’m perhaps missing something, in which case I apologize, but I would like some insight as to what might be causing it. If it is, in fact, a bug, I’ll patiently wait for a fix. Otherwise please explain what I and many others are doing horribly wrong!

Are we sure it’s not just servers changing the group settings to disable static groups / limit the size of groups?

Nope its actually broken from what i’ve heard, Blame @SDGNelson


I’ve tried countless servers where some people report no issue and others say they can’t accept an invite at the same time. So it’s definitely not the servers. But while we are on the subject, I don’t actually know what the whole static and dynamic thing is.

Static groups are steam groups set in the main menu, dynamic are ingame groups, confirmed the bug ingame groups are broken

Thank you for that simple explanation about static and dynamic! I guess we’ll have to wait until Nelson figures out what’s broken! Assuming he hasn’t already.

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