Browser mobile changes?

Today I noticed that the website forum is slightly different from the last time I logged in (yesterday). Was there an upgrade or I’m having some wierd bug? If it’s an upgrade, well I must say that it was way better before this, now it’s confusing as hell to say the least :confused:

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What’s different?

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This is what I see now -_-’
I don’t have a pic of the previous one, but it was way better. Smaller, you could see almost everything without needing to scroll down.

Are you using by any chance the Desktop View ? Cause that might be your problem.


As Oyamat said, that looks a lot like the Desktop view.

There should be a button in this section called “Mobile View” (Desktop users get “Keyboard Shortcuts”).


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Terrific, you guys saved me :slight_smile:

Thx a lot <3