Buff Pistols

(for simplification I will be calling all 2x2 ranged weapons in the base game pistols, so yes the nail gun is a pistol for this)
Almost all of the pistols are in a sad sorry state, and as much as everyone wants to call the Desert Falcon overpowered, its not, every pistol in the game is bad, except for arguably the Determinator, Desert Falcon and Cobra, but at best these are “meh” in survival.

The Avenger and Teklowvka are in specifically awkward spots, Why would I want to ever load those guns with Ranger or Military boxes when they are barely better then the Civilian Pistols? (that I will remind you, are mostly awful)

My suggestion for this issue? give them Can_Aim_During_Sprint, and buff the ammo capacity and/or damage on the Avenger and Teklowvka

Running and gunning reflects the light nature of pistols and would add an interesting mechanic that does not exist currently in the base game.


I wish pistols were more widely used by players, they’ve pretty much been neglected ever since being added.


I think the main reason for that in Vanilla is that they take up a slot you are much off better using for your melee weapon. I’d argue they see use in Curated maps that allow you to equip weapons into other slots. It’s one of those features from curated content I’d love to see in the main game.

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