[BUG] Subtle textures

Recently I encountered this bug, the first time I did not even notice it, but then I began to observe it more and more often. A couple of days ago I decided to find out in more detail how it works, what is needed for it, and so on. My guess is that it only works with fine textures, such as a Metal Plate or a tower at a military base on a PEI map. I also found out that it works at a distance of about 15 meters from the texture itself. This bug can only be seen on the video, but since it cannot be uploaded here, it will be on the links below:

Part 1 - https://youtu.be/m0Vw1kB-JWU
Part 2 - https://youtu.be/y8bXkKQlfBI
Part 3 - https://youtu.be/i_dRGJqSg1Y

In the first video you have to look at the tower, and in the second just at the plates, most of all it was noticeable at the end of the video on the right plate.

You only need to watch in 720p or more quality and with good vision.

P.S. 2
If you can, it’s best to download the video and zoom in in the editing software so that you can see it better.

I’m not sure if you’re confusing compression artefacts for a bug, or if those same artefacts are covering up the bug you’re talking about.

A video compressed less would be a huge help.

Here is the entire playlist with all versions of videos with this error (ordinary, compressed, 1080p) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCMO_kftixjwFlOZ_XES6HsVWe3cBDyd6, i will hope for a quick response.

Neither of those are what I’d consider fine textures but alright. I can’t see any issue myself either. It looks like normal images with minimal quality graphics settings. If you can, try to mark the areas with something.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video editing software. I understand that it is difficult to notice a bug on the video with the tower, but it should be quite clearly visible on the metal plates.

You compressed it further, that only makes the artefacts worse. An uncompressed video, or screenshots marking what we should be looking at would be appreciated.

It would be helpful if you described the bug. I don’t think anybody can see what you’re trying to show. I can’t see what the issue is.

This bug cannot be shown in the screenshot due to the fact that during the execution of the bug, the player behind the thin texture must run.

The error works provided that one player stands at a distance of 15 meters from the plate, and the other moves behind it (runs), as a result, on my graphics settings (I will attach screenshots), you can see where the player is running behind the plate, for example, since this place will be soapy pixels and this can be used as a “wallhack”

P.S. I don’t know how to describe the bug in more detail, I only know that it works for me under such conditions and only with thin textures

I’m not sure what you mean by “soapy pixels”, but it sounds like an issue with TAA (anti-aliasing) and the player just being too close to the metal plate.

TAA is prone to artifacts with moving objects. Maybe your friend is just barely clipping through the plates because they’re too close to them, and it looks weird because of your anti-aliasing.

Anyway, I think we should try to fix it somehow, as it adds a serious advantage.

To clarify, if the issue is that the player is clipping through the metal sheet, then that’s not a bug.


I cannot understand what you mean by “cuts the metal sheet”.

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