Bugs With the 3.x train (and a few Ideas)

Okay first of all, If you have a blade of grass poking through the tracks, the train will go flying miles away, second, if you have the tracks in a loop, the train will stop where the tracks weren’t connected before when you activated the loop button.
Ideas for the train now :smiley:
Yes I know your adding them to a different map but could you make a option for people to go to different tracks with the train? would be nice. and it would also be nice when you have flatbeds if you could transport vehicles on them like your drive a vehicles ont hem then you go to the train of the car and get on it and press Ctrl, it would attach the vehicles, like heres a example you see a train driving by with a bunch of military or other vehicles on it and yeah, also it would be kinda cool if you added a non used train that was flaming from the drivers area for like imagine your doing a Unturned Roleplay and your driving up to a road and you see a flaming train flying down the tracks In front of you (btw It would have to have a driver for it to move but you know). And it would also be nice if you added all the trains and cars, like the orange train and the train with the guns on the side and top etc, also the subway train for if you wanted to make a working subway. Also make it so each individual car has seats for people on it, unless if you have a vehicle attached then less seats.

If you add these and fix these Nelson Thanks!!!

P.S I don’t know if this rumor is true but are 3.x and 4.x going to be different games? just a thought
P.S.S here’s how to add trains to your map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1182784002
P.P.S Found out that they are gonna be separate games, YAY

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Some of this is good, some of it is bad.

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yeah I know, but thats why I suggested it xd

Nelson literally admitted that 3.x and 4.x are gonna be independant games

As for the train tracks and having multiple pathways, I agree. Transporting cars… not so much


Well the point of a cargo train is to transport things.

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Cargo trains are made to transport items, crates, lockers. A full car is a bit more than the necessary tbh.

have you ever seen pictures of trains during times of war? they transport tanks, helicopters, missles, etc

and they also transport cars as well,tbh trains transport basically anything most planes cant

I know
But you’re missing my point. This is a game.
Which is why I’m saying “transporting cars is a bit too much” especially since the train is indestructable

Just for the moment, Nelson is going to improve the train anyways, this week is also for getting a lot of feedback about it.

One can only hope
Though the train being indestructable is kinda ok sonce you can only go 1 way. Back and forth.
Though if it were to be vulnerable, I’d say, let it only get damaged from explosives

im pretty sure thats a bug

I don’t think so, in the files you can see that the train is set to be invulnerable from everything.

well thats odd, I wouldnt think nelson would do that unless… maybe theres a bug with the explosion so maybe thats why is invulnerable so that it wont cause more bugs?

GUID 7496377d88a5477b92ce7be3f063ba11
Type Vehicle
Rarity Epic
ID 186

Speed_Min -30
Speed_Max 30

Fuel 2000

Health_Min 800
Health_Max 900
Health 1000

Exit 3

Cam_Follow_Distance 7.5

Engine Train
Train_Track_Offset 1.3
Train_Wheel_Offset 3.5

Pitch_Idle 0.625
Pitch_Drive 0.01

Explosion 20

welp off to do… something but anyways as I said, maybe he did that to prevent bugs that possibly happen when it explodes, I dunno.

It is a good idea to have it indestructable. Because it only gets you to 1 destination back and forth. I think that it shouldn’t be lockable due to the capabilities of people exploiting the invulnerability of the train. It should be a public transport

There is no point on making a base on the train if you can’t lock it.

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That’s the point. The train is meant to be a public transport, not a hideout. Because I recently saw a few glitches you can do to get inside the train and hide your loot when the train itself is indestructable


On Russia you’ll now find a driveable train on the main line! It’s the new fastest way to travel in the game - as long as your destination is along the tracks anyway. The goal is to sort out any issues with the train features this week and then in the coming updates to add support for multiple attached train cars (I’m thinking flatbeds so you can build huge bases on the train!) as well as bring them to the other maps. update note

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