Building cars

People don’t seem to be posting suggestions for UII like they used to. That’s weird.

In 3.0 we see wrecked cars as props everywhere, without much use apart from decorations and places for zombies and loot to spawn. But what if you could salvage parts from them, such as tires, seats, engines, and usable car bodies.

With current makeshift vehicles in 3.0, a “makeshift vehicle” is simply a flat car chassis with wheels, seats and a steering wheel, and the player out in the open, driving on the bare chassis. But what if you could use the makeshift chassis as a base, and then drag around the wrecked car bodies and put them on?
Perhaps in UII, a chassis would not have seats and you’d need to put them on, with a spot for each seat.

Then a decent vehicle could be made without looting for an already working vehicle. Or if you wanted to go further, maybe all cars could be wrecked like this, and require tinkering and maintainance, as well as some building to get the car running.

Parts like chassis, car bodies, and seats wouldn’t be objects you could put into your inventory, but items you’d have to build on site, and then drag the body to place on top of the chassis you’ve built.

A large chassis (similar to the varying sizes of makeshift vehicles in 3.0) could be used for APCs, trucks and larger vehicles, whereas smaller ones could be used for normal cars such as sedans, hatchbacks, pickup trucks and the like.

So, to make a car from scrap parts, you build the chassis with metal parts (and maybe some specialized parts to balance it, like making a makeshift vehicle in 3.0) place a salvaged car body on top (wrecked cars come with an engine inside) put the seats and wheels, put fuel and batteries, and the car will work. Obviously not how it works in real life, but realism for the sake of realism is bad or whatever.

Perhaps cars would constantly degrade similar to weapons in 3.0, and could be fixed with scrap (using the crafting menu when you’re sitting inside the car).


I guess instead of them coming with engines, you could craft an engine which you could place onto the car. That seems like a better idea


Really, I felt it.

I find this idea interesting because it gives utility to the commonly found wrecked cars.

I think an interesting way to move parts like chassis is to squeal them with other vehicles.

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I approve, also what about having spikes and barbed wire on the front.

wouldn’t that make the game a bit complicated ?

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