Building grid

A grid that appears when you hold in your hands a barricade (only barricades). You can rotate and move the barricade, and there is a option that appears at the side of the screen where you can disable the grid or change the sensibility (when you rotate, you can select 90°, 10° , 1° or free rotate and the same thing with the move option). It’s like the admin editor, but in this case you can’t move things underground or something like that. When the barricade is colliding with something, it makes red just like unturned 3. And for the walls, roofs and structures like that, you just use the detector that is already in 3.x.

We don’t even know what will be placable in Unturned II, nor do we know how the construction system will even work.

However a standardized alignment system of some kind would be nice.


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