Building on vehicles

Omg this has been done so many times, but not recently.

Normal Cars

Pretty much normal vehicles should have a weight limit on them, how much they can take. This and a gravity system the destroys objects held on to weakly, the clip of buildables should be a reconised conection. But most buildables should be snap on objects. Like replacement glass and window armour. Objects should be placeable from inside the car aswell, also moving around interiors and doing things like sleeping in cars should be possible and having storage bags placed inside


As for trailers and stuff, you could place walls and much more on them, walk around in them even while moving and cook in them. Trailers can be attached to any car with a hook, though the vehicle will need to be powerful enough to pull it,


You should be able to add more cars to the train. And carry vehicles on the train.

Blimps and zeppelins

There should be an option to make this vehicle invincible. Or have it be make out of individual sections that are damaged individually. There should be snap buildings on this large aircraft. The more weight though the slower it will rise.

Regular planes

You can’t build on the outside very much except adding snap parts like guns.
But you can customise the interior and walk around in it while flying, you should be able to leave the plane on autopilot while flying so you can do stuff inside. Also carrying vehicles and care packages would be cool, dropping them out of the plane with parachutes would be dope.


I think it’s unnecessary, because I am sure that Unturned II maps will not be large enough for need for an autopilot.

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so are blinkers on cars, but Nelson added it anyway

There is a huge difference between little simply-done blinkers that look cool compared to making some useless AI that is pointless because you’ll travel the entire map in the span of a minute.


I think they will, also auto pilot is so advanced now it can follow a course anyway.
Much larger maps are wanted.

autopilot =/= literally piloting itself

not even in real life does it do that much, it just keeps your altitude and your angle the same, that’s about it.

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It can land a plane aswell. It’s very advanced, I know this for a fact.

That’s literally just making your point worse, isn’t that what holding W and keeping your mouse still for?

except it isn’t, because his whole arguement was it would be too complex, if anything, you pointing out it’s simple is making my point better

also CAT III exists ecks deeee

You just explicitly said that autopilot is for people that can’t hold down W and keep their mouse still.

If you want it any more advanced than that, it’s literally programming a flight AI which is almost not needed at all?? For a complete non essential?

With advanced auto pilot you’re rewarding people that can’t fly. Flying should be a risk that only the wealthiest would take because they’re only wealthy because they have the needed skills and are good enough at the game to get to a point where they can consider flying safely.

I just don’t see the point of it. It’s obviously going to take an awful amount of time to program and all it really does that it should do at the maximum is hold down W for you and keep your mouse straight which frankly I don’t think we need.


why should blimps be invincible? shoot an actual blimp and it’d be fucked

tbf at that point it’s basically a shit vehicle to use in the air. Would totally be safe to sit inside a massive, easily visible blimp and get blasted because someone spammed their maplestrike on the massive fucking ass of what you’d call the thing that holds the blimp up.

exactly. idk why blimps should even be a thing, they make no sense… why not just have a plane?

Let’s put them on the list of completely pointless, redundant and frankly retarded vehicles then.

Currently consists of artillery trucks, armed fighter jets, and a fucking multi-weapon battleship.

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I ment auto pilot as in you wouldn’t have to have someone holding w in the cockpit of a plane the whole fight.


I think you should press W and it’d just automatically keep going until you press another key.

well range is a thing, still stupid though

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