Building scale for custom models

Welp, here I am again asking for help with map making (sorry). I am making custom models for a map I am working on, but cannot find some of the measurements required for buildings. Here is what I found:

0.5m wide
4.25m high

5m offset
0.5m depth

2.5m wide
2.75m high

4m wide
3.75m high

However, I cannot find measurements for ramps (but I assume it’s just 90 degrees) or correct windows. I want to be able to make windows that fit with the glass and barricade objects in Unturned so that you can fortify a house. Does anyone know the distance from the ground, width and height of the cavity of the window?
Any help is massively appreciated, as I have been searching for hours and cannot start my buildings until I know.



You’re asking about Unturned 3.X, right? In any case, I’ve already added that tag, and it can be left or removed as appropriate.

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Ramps don’t really have a set measurement, just as long as it looks good I guess.

I’ve put together a few different resources that I use for my buildings. Like what Spebby said, ramps don’t have a set measurement and for windows they aren’t exactly standardized either. My resources have three different types of ramps and one basic window though.

1 meter from the floor
2.8 meters high
Frame around the edge going 0.1 meter out from each side

Windows in Unity (For barricades):
3 meters high
3.5 meters wide

Ramp Type A:
4.75 meters high
5.875 meters long
3.5 meters wide

Ramp Type B:
2.375 meters high
2.5 meters long
2.5 meters wide

After the first step, a 2.5 meter extension is made and goes 3 meters to the left or right before continuing a copy of the first part.

Ramp Type B:
4.75 meters high
3.975 meters long
2 meters wide

I can’t remember where I got the information for in Unity but it works. Most of my resources were put together by either measuring parts of vanilla buildings that I liked or by editing resources that other people have made.

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the ramps don’t have a standard…

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Official measurements can be found on the bottom of this guide.



  • Depth: 0.5

  • Height: 4.25


  • Offset: 5

  • Depth: 0.5


  • Width: 2.5

  • Height: 2.75


  • Width: 4

  • Height: 3.75


  • Offset: 1

  • Height: 2.75

As for the ramps/stairs, they are usually around 45 degrees. As long as it looks good and you can walk on it, it is fine.

But this guide doesn’t say how long the windows are.

Because they can be however wide you want them to be.

But the in game glass buildable is a certain size isn’t it? If someone put their glass in a building I wouldn’t want the glass overlapping or leaving areas exposed to outside. Sorry if I’m just being dumb.

Window barricades don’t snap to anything, if they are too big you won’t be able to place them, some vanilla houses like #13 already have pretty tight frames on them and you can see that.

My little note for Unity goes off of the glass buildable sizes. I had to use individual slots to do what I wanted with barricades so I messed around and found that it worked as a perfect fit. Only worry about it for barricades, structures will let you place stuff just about anywhere in the frame. If you want it so you can have an exact number of glass placeables just multiply the width I labeled for Unity.

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