Buildings and General Suggestions

It’s my first time trying to post on a forum, so please do point out my early mistakes.

So yeah what the name implies, here are some ideas I had in mind since I searched and checked but there wasn’t really any posted yet, maybe I just hadn’t looked hard enough. But still, hear me out.

Buildings: It should be more than just places to look for loot, service buildings like the police and firefighters can have radios or maps that can be used to update your own map or find an idea where to go next, maybe with the radios going static on repeat with this message of a safe area but apparently overrun by the time you arrive.

Water purification buildings can also be cleared and be used to provide clean water, though it needs to be powered and since the noise, be prepared to defend it against players and zombies, same goes with the power plants allowing you to power a small sector of the city, or maybe the whole building this is more better for multiplayer instead of generators littering around a player created “safezone”, without any wires and functioning through magic-induced gasoline.

Meatshops can have this frozen basement with meat or maybe rotten things since it has long been melted.

ACTUAL USE OF DOLLAR BILLS AND COINS, instead of using your own xp for transactions with NPCs, what do they do with xp anyway, eat it?

Helipads: You can use flares and radios to call for an airdrop, this can be used as replacement for the horde beacon, as the flares and chopper noise will attract or spawn a horde of zombies with your goal of holding the helipad safe from them to allow it to drop.

Any kind of knife can be taped or attached to your rifles as this cheap bayonet, and bayonet attachments can be dismantled to act as a regular knife. I think this was posted but, yeah.

Weather: Fog and rain, any light source can still be seen through the fog and during fogs any sounds can echo and the zombie detection ranged can be buffed (Maybe add that you can add back the Anomaly through the fog, idk just another easter eggo maybe.). Your gun can jam in the rain and you can get temperature drops, raincoats or waterproofing can be added to the game, zombie detection range can be reduced during this weather.

GPS: You should be able to see other players with the GPS, or you could hide yourself with a toggle-able option, you can set your frequency on radios and walkie-talkies to create a chatroom for you, or a public frequency for everyone.

You can throw trash around to attract zombies or something.

You can vault and maybe do a sprint attack while running, basically a melee that does extra damage.

Tell me if some are posted already, feedback and helpful tips are appreciated, thanks.

Um. So, what do you think?

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I agree that some buildings should look like they have been overrun, and not look like they were nuked. The radio suggestion is actually pretty good.

I’m sort of against this, since the amount of work to actually get a working water service would be out of the technical knowledge of a survivor. That, coupled with the fact that the pipes would probably be damaged would make it a tad unrealistic.

I’m sure this would probably happen if those types of buildings were added.

Currency would become worthless in the future. A much better solution would be trading, since without currency having worth, trading materialistic goods would be in the best interests of both the dealer and the receiver.

I mean, it seems a bit strange being able to call in airdrops.

I don’t see any problem with this.

Side effects for weather are a great idea.

I don’t see why this should happen. I actually made a post about maps in 4.0, so you should check it out. Charts, Car GPS And Military GPS

This would probably need a system first for picking up items, which would be a great addition itself.

Extra melee attacks are planned, to my knowledge.


Surprisingly, most of your ideas are new and fresh, and I like most of them. The only things I don’t really agree with is a gun jamming in the rain, and the gps tracker/chat room thing. But yeah, good job.


Oh, well I didn’t know that, but thanks to the response. But personally I like the idea of the water purification and electrical buildings, I gave it some further thought this day and… Like what if it was a npc quest, with it functioning properly as a reward for a quest? As in “Secure this place, boi” thing? By slowly restoring the buildings part by part, fixing the pipes, being given very convenient instructions by some mechanic NPC to work your way around the panels and filling the generators with gas, then finally other factions can move in and they themselves will operate it.

This can also be possible to any building the map makers prefer, even taking back the whole city if they want to, similar to the “Rebuild” flashgame I used to play once. Zombies can periodically attack your newly claimed establishments and can send signals, being these participable events that can either result in it surviving or being over run, again. As well as fetch quests for maintenance of the machinery inside.

@NeedlessMemeing covered most of what I was going to say.

For your first forum post, this is actually pretty good. The formatting is okay, but if you have a lot of one-line sentences, I’d recommend formatting them as bullet points or merging them into a paragraph.

A lot of new users tend to suggest lots of already over-suggested topics without knowing they’re so commonly discussed, but your ideas are mostly original which is a nice bonus. In the future, if you ever have a good suggestion/idea, try searching for an existing thread on the same topic before making your own.

Also, while you’re here, I’d recommend taking a look at my unofficial-official guide to help you get acquainted to a basic extent with the forum. Welcome to the SDG Forums!

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Thanks a lot for the support and positive feedback! To be honest I have had these ideas ever since I started playing this game but have no idea where to put this in case someone would be interested, since a game that listens to the community really appeals to me. It’s just yesterday that I found this forums and Im really glad that the people here are nice and helpful.

Sorry for some grammar and spelling mistakes as english is not my natural language, I’ll try to read your guide later. So yeah, pretty glad it was well accepted and I really hope our very hardworking Nelson could implement this on the 4.x.

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