Bullet holes

I really like bullet holes in video games.

There’s something hilarious and satisfying about putting hundreds of bullet holes into the side of a shed or building. Maybe those bullets are in the shape of a phallic image, or they’re just a way to track the recoil of your gun. But there’s a lot missing in Unturned’s bullet holes.

In Unturned, you could fire a shot through a millimeter thick piece of plywood and the bullet would stop immediately. There are rudimentary destructible objects, but no bullet holes even appear on them because of how bullet holes and shaders function in game.

When you are hunting, people or animals, you a cliche, instant recognition of if you’ve hit someone. Hitmarkers can be a great satisfying way to tell if or where you’ve hit someone, but when in hard mode, the most you have to go off of is if the blood particle even loaded at your distance. I think a great way to show the impact of your bullet would be through bloody spots on a player. They could stain through holes on clothes and create actual impact marks on bare flesh.

In addition to showing if you’ve hit something, impact marks can also be extremely satisfying. Right now in Unturned II or 4.x or whatever, the bullet holes are in a pretty good place, but they don’t pack a punch like they do in other games. Part of why they feel this way is because they’re very small. You might argue that this is realistic or better, but I think that it eliminates the purpose of these holes, gashes, cracks and splinters. You need to put at least 10 marks in the same area for it to be noticeable from a distance. for features like this I feel like it should be brought to an extreme.

TL:Did not R

Bullet holes need to feel better, work better, and hitmarkers should be optional

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Thanks, now I can draw penises with my dragonfang knowing people will see it from 5 miles away.

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