Bullet Penetration through Vehicles

TL;DR - Bullets sometimes pass through a car, but not the engine compartment (due to a large hunk of metal in the way)

This video below demonstrates using a car for cover. if we could get something similar for 4.x, that would be nice.


I’d support this if it was implemented in a way that also makes use of the already existent bullet/object penetration mechanic, and makes use of the planned vehicle rework (which would hopefully include more vehicular components).

Penetration would be dependent on the ammunition being fired and the object’s material (and thickness), and would be able to damage vehicular components. Realism should be considered for how well bullets penetrate, but gameplay should come first.

If it’s just added as a random gimmick that doesn’t interact with the rest of the game’s mechanics, then I’d pass on this, as dying may feel “too random” for people. Hopefully, no feature in Unturned II ends up that underdeveloped.


Same. There would be a small bit of randomness for shooting through doors (due to support structure in the hollow areas of vehicular parts) but not enough to make it stupid.

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