Bullet Range

TBH, I saw someone talking about the shotgun barely having any range, so I took that persons idea and added onto it. First of all, shotguns should be able to reach a distance of, say, 50m. But instead of being effective like an assault rifle, only one buckshot would hit the enemy. The same thing goes for a long-ranged sniper rifle. I believe that they should go for longer than 300m, more like 500 to 700 m. Assault rifles, on the other hand, should have their range increased by 100 to 200m, to help with longer range combat.

This is based on my opinion.

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Most assault rifles already have a range of 200m.

Edit: Upon research, I have been able to validate my claims. The only exceptions to this 200m range are:

  • Matamorez (150m)

  • Swissgewehr (210m)

  • Chimera (210m)

Source: a gun stats guide on the Steam Guides section using data from the game files, which was literally just updated with Greece

I think he’s asking for assault rifles to have a range of 300-400m.

Weapon range shouldn’t be at that 500+ unless all the maps are larger, I feel like. I think having something like the current typical ranges just be the typical “effective ranges” would work better, maybe…

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