Bundles folder causes errors for players joining some servers

If I put the Bundles folder in the map root, as described by Nelson, things work fine for some players, while others get the “modified version of the map” error. If I add the custom content as a seperate addon (required item), there are less join-issues. The Bundles folder in question contains items, objects and NPC´s. This is an old issue for me, one which I have experienced problems with for over a year now, on several maps. Again, you can look at Ural Mountains LN as an example.

“Load_From_Resources”: true,

Add that to the map’s Config.json, and then republish the map to the Workshop with the Bundles in it?

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Added the line, and when it is set to true, the custom content in the Bundles folder disappears from both the map, and the objects list in the editor. If I set it to false, the objects appear in the editor´s object list normally.

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