Burst and Semi Delays

I think at this point everyone knows of the weird delays/stoppages that occur when you try to fire in semi/burst too fast. I’m fine with a delay so people don’t semi/burst-spam people to the nth dimension. I’d LIKE to semi/burst-spam people to the nth dimension, but I can see why Nelson wouldn’t like us to be able to.

What I’m NOT fine with are the stoppages.

Pull the trigger one time out of rhythm? Well, now you can’t fire for anywhere between the gun’s firerate and a full second after the fact. This is bad, and it feels worse then it probably even is. If you’re going to have a semi/burst delay, don’t make the gun’s firerate timer reset if you fire it out of rhythm (that’s what it feels like), or if nothing else make a firing animation that lasts until a bit after the delay. I’m pretty sure 2.0 even did this right, so what happened in 3.0?

Sorry if this came off as rude or anything, I just get worked up over this.

TL;DR: Semi/burst right now is bad and 4.x should fix it if it’s not possible too in 3.x.


Yeah, it gets annoying while tapping to accidentally click a millisecond too fast and having to wait twice as long as the gun’s normal firerate to fire again.


I know, I feel the pain.

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