Button to throw your backpack

Simple idea, with the press of a button, a short animation would play of the player taking whatever pack they had on and throwing it somewhere.

It seems a bit odd, but hear me out.

Imagine getting chased down by players; you don’t have enough stamina to effectively run fast enough to evade them because your gear is holding you down. You could then have the option to duck behind a building with a garbage can and throw your pack into it, and with your load lightened, you can effectively outrun your opponents, and come back to your loot later.

I know people have suggested throwing things before, but I haven’t seen anything like throwing your pack, so I thought I would throw this out there.


What button would this be though?

It’s already hard enough to fit all of the keybinds onto the keyboard as is.

I’d recommend a combination of some sort, maybe even a radial menu with other common quick actions.


That could definitely work, maybe you could even hold your Middle mouse button to complete the animation and still be able to effectively aim it with your mouse.

Working on something that could make this work somehow. Stay tuned :+1:

@Pork thanks for pointing out the idea btw. Giving you credits on my post regarding about backpacks and such.

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Throwing the backpack towards the bandits as an offering may work as well. It may allow you to get away with your life if the bandits were only after loot and you have no way of escaping them. Seems great for RP when holding players up for benevolent or malevolent purposes.

My only question is the objective effects of backpack removal. How much faster should the player be? How much less stamina would be used? Not opposed to the idea, but certainly some things to consider for gameplay balance.

It would serve as decent bait or for a nice distraction as well. Some well-placed explosives in/on a backpack would be an interesting twist. Support :+1:


That’s why I’m making an entire posting on items and storage management, and most sorts of stuff related.

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Would be nice if it can cause some amount of damage to players.

I’m sure it would depend on the weight of the backpack. A pack full of bricks being thrown sounds pretty intimidating.

If there’s anything ARMA III taught me, it’s that if you don’t have enough keys for all 18 billion controls, just get another keyboard /s


I can already see someone giving up loot bandits, only to see it was packed with explosive charges.

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I’d prefer backpacks just did knock back, not damage opponents. A backpack full of bricks may have a lot of mass, but it’s a pretty slow moving object.

Fair point. It would have more of a tactical use than being used as a weapon.

Yeah, something like Quick Release System from STALKER Misery

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