Can I get some Skin feedback?


This skin has been on the workshop for a while, I do not plan on updating it. I would still like some feedback for future reference if possible! I want to improve at skin making because its something I enjoy a lot. This is my first public skin.


Overall the skin looks pretty good, however this part really feels out of place and just looks weird.


I personally like the design, wooden furniture on the grip and a “<<<<” design on the wheel.
The little zigzags on the bottom of the revolver barrel somehow remind me of the Dragon Serpent Skin, but other than that, I think the minimalism and clever design makes it look great!


Looks good, kinda like a laser revolver. At least it’s not random unoriginal patterns. Choice of color fits well.


I dislike it a lot. After looking up your reference

I can definitely see what you were going for in some places but I feel like it didn’t go quite right.

  1. Colors
    Gray and brown on your skin are very desaturated (which is not a bad thing on its own), almost to the point where they both blend together. ‘Golden’ color definitely stands out but I think the shade could use some work, it’s too yellow and doesn’t really feel right, it could definitely use much more defined metallic to make it truly shine.
  2. Patterns
    Golden wavy line with dots on the bottom portion of the barrel, I can see what it’s meant to represent but it’s too simplified and too repetitive, I feel like it takes away from the skin.
    Once again, I can see what pattern on the cylinder was meant to represent but it just turned out weird, it works on the destiny gun because it has six sided cylinder and each side can have same pattern, recreating that (and making it look good) for completely smooth circular cylinder would be nigh impossible so I can somewhat see why you simplified it to just arrows on two sides but I think it’s too simple and some kind of pattern that utilises the fact that it is cylindrical instead of six sides would work better (wrapping around the whole cylinder etc.).
    You have simplified the golden top present on your reference in some places and it definitely hurts appearance of the whole skin. Notable places that need work is where: barrel exit meets the golden top, it looks almost as if the barrel was on top of it which makes it look weird, I think a darker outline on exact edges where it wraps around barrel could help make it look not as crude, another place that needs work on it is where it meets cylinder, just like with barrel it just goes into the golden part completely ignoring it, once again a darker outline would probably help to define the edge.

Some of the things could also be helped with a custom mesh (which I’m a big fan of). All of the above is obviously just my opinion.


Thank you for the very critical response ren, I truly do appreciate it. I am definitely gonna try and keep these in mind for my next skin especially if its another ace skin. I want to explain why I made these choices. Please don’t take this as me defending them, Because I agree with pretty much everything you said.

I very much agree about the color choice, I feel like it could very much improve from a simple color change. I made it solid because I overestimated the effectiveness of the metallic sheets you can apply, I thought it would add a more powerful effect but I see now I should have manually put it in the actual texture or done the effect differently.

I agree that a lot of this could be fixed with a custom mesh but I wanted to limit myself to the vanilla model so I could get experience working with the already available files/models.

That’s really all I wanted to say in response, I agree with pretty much everything else.
Thanks again for the reply!


I like it! I’d definitely buy it.