Can we get SomeGuyJonas to 1K subs?

SomeGuyJonas is a small Unturned youtuber who makes really good map editor builds and other things. He is currently at 990 subscribers, so we could get him to 1,000 subscribers easily :smiley:

His channel

Check out his videos and stuff.


I love him, his upload schedule is so consistent :slight_smile:


I forgot to subscribe to his channel back in the day thanks for the reminder.
Sometimes I actually check if he has uploaded something new.

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The man had to leave his channel behind bc something happened.

Oh yeah this guy
Fan of his Map edits

Shame he doesn’t upload anymore, I think he left cause he went insane or something


come on we only need 3 more

His last upload was 2 years ago

yeah but he had like 990 subscribers before so why not boost a small Unturned youtuber?

he is at 998 now, we just need 2 more

i just subbed

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Done. Now it’s 1k :partying_face:

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hell yeah
we did it boys


Epik gamer party for the Departed

so boys we did it

he’s gone now though so what’s the point


Attention gamers! We lost 1 subscriber!


which one of you was it

This is not epik gamer moment

I’m the 1000th sub


i remember watching this guy like 3 years ago
he was admitted to some kind of mental institution i think. his friend uploaded a video about it

yeah, he got back and posted a few videos but he hasn’t posted in a while

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