Can we have a conclusive update on when the Ue4 Map Making thing will be out?

The Title says it all. Please Lord Nelson ;-; I really want to start map making for Unturned 2…

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when the game is ready to be modded it will be ready to mod man, unturned II is way off.


It wont be your Christmas present either :simple_smile_zombie_:


Nothing has changed since the last time this has been asked – mod tools can’t be available to the public until the game is publicly available (i.e., a public listing on Steam).


I really dont think the game is in a state where it would be in real benefit from this. Alot of the core gameplay is not present. Generally it really wouldn’t be worth adding the tools for it this early state because maps that where made for this version of the game would become quickly outdated maybe even become broken in the future. But i would like to see map tools when unturned gets to the point of being open to public.


To clarify a bit more on my response, this (the mod tools not being releasable) is because it would mean releasing the Unturned II Dev Kit, which is a modified version of the Unreal editor. This cannot actually be released publicly prior.

Some example assets (e.g., the character model) and documentation has been and will be released prior though.


Have you seen unturned 2s first mod?

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