Can we make new "Build" note?

u guys know there is a ‘Build’ note in every Barricades, Campfire use “Build Campfire” note in the .Dat file, Cage light use “Build Cage” note in Cagelight.Dat file,
and “i thing” that is how the Barricades work, the “Build Campfire” maybe only command like this:

when Active : Gameobject(Fire) > ‘on’ , Component(Particle Sistem) = Play , Gameobject(Burning) > ''on , Gameobject(warm) > ‘on’.

when not Active : Gameobject(Fire) > ‘off’ , Component(Particle Sistem) = Stop , Gameobject(Burning) > ‘off’ , gameobject(warm) > ‘off’.

for Cagelight maybe like this :

when Active : Gameobject(Spots) > ‘on’.

when not Active : Gameobject(Spots) > ‘off’.

Can we make new “Build” note ?
i want to make a TV with a Video Clip, i already try use ‘Cage’ and ‘Campfire’ Build note, the Light and the Particle Sistem is work good, but the Video not playing, not showing, that maybe because Build “Cage” and “Campfire” not Command to turn on or showing the ‘Video Player Component’, or maybe there some Game Rule/Scrips that cant Support Video Player Component?

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