Canada comeback?

So, how about having the Canada map returned in 4.0, instead of remastering/remaking PEI?

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If 4.0 will have bigger maps than 3.0, Canada would be a pretty good way of introducing the new scale.


Completely agree with that, and I also would like a amazon map, with native npcs, militar bases and a secret experiments base, just like area 51

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i don’t like the idea of a stupidly large country like Canada being limited to just one map. that’s not even because i’m canadian. i think the same about the USA and China (Russia’s a bit of an exception since only like the western quarter or so actually has any significant amount of…anything, really).

Just a province would do fine, no need to call it something larger than nelson has time to work on like Canada.

yeah i agree with @Number_one here, one of the larger provinces like Alberta would be good

Devtest comeback :triumph:

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Yes Canada, but PEI Montague barricaded house because a miss it!

I think provinces would work out better because of the ability to have more unique map types instead of cramming all of it together


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