Canned goods. (and some other food-related stuffs.)


Ah… canned goods, the 1st food choice for apocalypse preppers. And lasted for at least couples of months (even years) in real life. We all have that secret “feeling” towards these canned stuffs. However, back in unturned 3.0, we all have magical metal tooth, and that’s canned foods is just a “fancier” type of foods.

So, I’ll be suggesting about these canny stuffs into 3 categories. Each talking about it in different ways.

Canned food "special" stats

We already have suggested about the “expirations” for foods items, and this er… chart.

This is just to give a general idea to those whom didn’t saw this chart before. That’s it. Canned foods should degrades slower than most of the foods, making it worth keeping. (Wait a minute that isn’t in the chart smh.)

But, that’s doesn’t covered if those foods are underwater So, I represented you this chart.

I didn’t really though about all the features involving around this feature yet, but this is enough to covered the basics. Why this should be added? I don’t know, maybe that’ll teach you to properly seal your underwater base I guess. (Getting off topic.)

Can opener

I don’t really like to added a tool that’s only did like 1 job. But I really wanted this to be added.

Since canned foods would “lasted longer”, I think it would be nice to added a little bit of a challenge to make it a little bit more… challenging.

For those whom don’t know about it, here’s a picture of it.

You can no longer eats a canned food without a can opener… haha I’m just kidding that’s stupid, you can use a knife to open a can.

However, it’d take more time to use a knife to open a can than using a can opener to open a can. I’d say a rate of 1/10 would be fair enough…

Or you could just bash the thing until it’s cracked open, at a rate of 1/50, and that you’ll be making noises during that time.


Instead of shoving food into your faces. I think having “better” animations for each food item would be nice. I know it probably like “Hurrr, we need more anime so it’s looks good.” but I think it’d add a nice touch to the final product.

For an example, Instead of shoving wrapped chips into your face, you ripped the bag, and use your hand to shoves nothing into your face. You opened a can, and you shove nothing into your face. You ripped an MRE, and shove nothing into your face, not much of an improvement but an improvement nontheless.

Comes to think about it, every features needs better animations in general. And by the phrases represented in past devlogs, I’d say that we’re getting there.

(I think most of the 3.0 foods and drinks animations is already good, except… those.)

That’s all y’all. Now if you’ll excuse me canning and tanning myself. I’d like to know your thoughts with a canny attitude. Anyways, thanks for reading.


Crafting cans whit food for keeping the food fresh a longer time and using the can opener as a weapon.

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Fair enough

Overall, I like it, but maybe cutting open a can with knife shouldn’t take 1/10th of the time, at least depending on the knife.

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Are you actually serious right now

That was a joke because there’s no picture.

Use pocketknives to open the cans?

As long as it can be classified as a knife. Yes.

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