Cannot run lan server with Belgium

I’m getting this error when loading a lan server running belgium:

Once I try join the server, I am disconnected. I’ve looked everywhere and there is no solution.

Someone else did have this problem and posted it, but they were totally ignored. So I might as well try and hopefully get a response. Thanks!

Just a little update, whether I am disconnected or not seems random.
I just logged in, and I’m in…
But this is all I can see:

I can only hear myself punching.

Press escape and your mouse should be free. Then click “cancel” on the bottom right.

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Yeah I know that, I still can’t play the map. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

Verify your game files
Also, could you just copy paste all of your console in a pastebin or something? Would be better than a screenshot. I also see an error above the one you sent

i’ll do this tomorrow, I also want to say that this only happens on Belgium and France. (Or at least, as far as I’ve tested)
All official maps work including Hawaii and Germany, + Workshop maps like Canada+ and Metro.

Yeah, Belgium still buggy. Not sure what’s up with France, haven’t heard any complaints about it, but about Belgium, oh boy

Here is the server command.

Probably worth noting that I’m using several mods, though it wouldn’t explain why this only happens to Germany,

Yeah… Maybe removing the mods and trying again. Because there are a few of these:

NotSupportedException: missing 'Item' GameObject
NotSupportedException: Missing 'Vehicle' GameObject 

few may be an understatement

Also, this one

DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero.

Delete lighting.dat in your map folder.


Okay I’ve done all that, all mods are gone, still loads of “Missing” game objects.
I’m also still getting this:

hidden to avoid spam/flooding

KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. - System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue].get_Item (TKey key) (at :0)
Pathfinding.Util.TileHandler.CutPoly (Pathfinding.Int3 verts, System.Int32 tris, Pathfinding.Int3& outVertsArr, System.Int32& outTrisArr, System.Int32& outVCount, System.Int32& outTCount, Pathfinding.Int3 extraShape, Pathfinding.Int3 cuttingOffset, UnityEngine.Bounds realBounds, Pathfinding.Util.TileHandler+CutMode mode, System.Int32 perturbate) (at <0d0df0021af7409eb0c48fc38dfa9cba>:0)
Pathfinding.Util.TileHandler+c__AnonStorey1.<>m__0 (System.Boolean force) (at <0d0df0021af7409eb0c48fc38dfa9cba>:0)
AstarPath.ProcessWorkItems (System.Boolean force) (at <0d0df0021af7409eb0c48fc38dfa9cba>:0)
AstarPath.PerformBlockingActions (System.Boolean force, System.Boolean unblockOnComplete) (at <0d0df0021af7409eb0c48fc38dfa9cba>:0)
AstarPath.Update () (at <0d0df0021af7409eb0c48fc38dfa9cba>:0)

Haven’t been able to test if I can actually join yet though.

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