Can't change resolution

When I try and change my resolution in the game menu it works in the menu screen, but then when I go into the game (in a server or singleplayer) it reverts back to the original resolution in the game.

When I change my resolution in the display menu while in game it works, but then when I go back to the menu it is back to what it was before.

How do I stop this?

Well you can try to set Graphics.json to read-only. Not sure if this’ll work in Unturned, but it works in other games.

Graphics file is located in:
Steam > userdata > 876736235 > 304930 > remote > Settings

Open it with text editor and check, if there’s your preferred resolution. After it’s done, right click > properties and check box with name “Read-only”

Edit: resoultion in the file has to be one of listed in the game or it’ll just duplicate graphics.json with default resolution

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ok, thanks dude :smiley:

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