Can't get Vehicle Hook to work in the game

I recently made a small tow truck but i can’t get Hook to work.

I set up the Hook gameobject like in the picture, things that i tried are Hook without box collider, i tried with isTrigger checked and unchecked and i tried with rigidbody component under in Hook.

My knowledge about modding in unturned is a bit old, so take this information with a grain of salt.

In order for it to work reliably, I’d usually make the hook trigger bigger than most vehicles, that is, the car you want to tow should be able to fit inside the trigger box.

Again, this might just be old information, but seeing the trouble you’ve had I reckon it’s worth the shot.

Hi, i just tried that, still no luck in making it work, i really have no idea why, and it’s weird because the Hook on an old truck i made a year ago still works and it has Hook gameobject with no colliders or any other components.

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