Can't hear my custom ambience sounds in Unturned 3.0

I have a problem with my custom ambience sounds in Unturned 3.0 and I don’t know why. I did everything correct in tutorial, but I could hear anything.

I tried to make ambience sounds louder - nothing
I tried to update sound drivers - nothing
I tried to scroll volume up to 100% - still nothing
And finally I tried to lower my graphics - nothing

Here is the tutorial

are the files .mp3 files? sometimes different file extensions don’t play, but a .mp3 will

Yes, files are mp3

what does your map’s environment folder look like?
make sure the .unity3d is called the right thing and there are no typos

Like this

what version of unity are you using?

Same that MLBB used in his tutorial. Unity version 5.2.0f3 64-bit

that part of the tutorial is outdated unfortunately, that could be your issue. Currently Unturned is using Unity 2018.4.15 (it might have updated again but I know 2018.4.15 still works)


Then we need a newer tutorial

The tutorial should still be accurate other than the Unity version and the fact that the tools and examples were merged into two separate files to speed up importing them. Any 2018 LTS Unity version should work so you can use the latest one available.


Okay, I did this right now in Unity 2020 1.0f1 and still can’t hear water, wind and other…

unity 2020 is too far forward. You need to use 2018.


Okay, I will try Unity 2018

So what can I say. This still didn’t work… And I can’t now even load AssetBundle…It’s just some errors showing here. Unity version is 2018.4.25f1 @Romelete


Have you reimported the tools?

Yes, I reimported the tools

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