Can't play on Battleye servers

I have reinstalled the game, verified the integrity of game files, run Unturned, Unturned_BE, Unturned through steam, and reinstalled battleye several times, yet servers say that I do not have it installed. Why might this be? When playing, it doesn’t say that Battleye is not running.

When launching, be sure to click “Play Unturned” instead of “Play Unturned without Battleye”.

if this doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s wrong with your computer.

Believe me, I know that selecting “Play without battleye” doesn’t mean that it’ll start the game with battleye.

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Bump, because I need a solution to this and nothing I’ve found thus far has helped.

there is a possibility your computer is blocking battleye from working, maybe from a firewall or to save power. Try running Unturned as an administrator and see if anything changes