Cant play the game

so wen i try to load the server list it wont load any servers it just the background image the ui dont show i havent play in 2/3 week bec of this bug/glitch i undownload the game and redownloaded and it still did not fix the issu

Could you provide more information? For example, a screenshot or recording of the server list screen. Perhaps you have too many filters enabled, and there’s no servers that match your criteria.

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Have you tried making sure your drivers are up-to-date, and also that you’re on the latest version of your operating system?

  • For Windows devices, you can make sure you’re on the latest version from Windows Update. This will also check for driver updates, but you can also do this manually from Device Manager. (If your GPU comes with a management tool, such as GeForce Experience for NVIDIA GPUs, you can also update your GPU drivers from there.)

What are your hardware specs? E.g., your operating system, GPU, CPU… For example, my operating system is Windows 11 (64-bit). Note that the game does not have support for 32-bit operating systems.

Are you currently using any custom launch options? E.g., -Glazier=IMGUI




still dont work

This is the Windows Update utility, but did you check your graphics card drivers?

i did all the updatas and i still cant lunch my unturned

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