Car and character model suggestions

The cars should be more curved like in real life. The roof should be scaled in. The cars should also have soon shine.
The character model looks like the enderman, and looks spooky. Should maybe be thiccer. Edit: there should also be normal maps, and some cars should have a chance of having rust and scratches.

Nelson stated that the characters are still a work in progress and that they will be a bit extended for the moment.

and concerning the shine:

Other then that, I think everything looks fine, I don’t really have any complaints, but that’s just me.

Resonating with @Pork here, however I do think the paint color is a bit oversaturated.

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Right now I feel like the cars look almost like they are built with LEGOs, but I don’t find that necessarily a bad thing. There certainly some tweaks that could be made to the model itself, but personally I find the current style charming and familiar.

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