Car doors

There can be car doors to use them as a barricade, take less damage behind it and maybe car doesn’t take any damage when get hit from the car door. We didn’t have it in unturned 2 i guess.
ik, stupid idea and very bad english


Actually, it’s reallistic, and I think it’s planned.

I really agree with this idea, i think it would be cool to have shootouts in RP servers and stuff while hiding behind car doors.

I’m not entirely sure I understand what the suggestion is. It’s that car doors would open and close and have a separate health pool from the vehicles they’re attached to right? If so I like it. If it’s about car doors being placeable barricades, then I don’t really care for it.

He suggests they be a barricade, and I can’t argue with that. I believe all objects should be place-able.

Car doors would open and close, will have a seperate health pool from the vehicles. That’s what i mean.


How would that even work?

It’s probably too much to ask, but what about the doors being able to be torn off? Like by driving a car into an open door like in GTA.

In addition, some cars should spawn without some car doors.


So if your in a rush, and forget to close the door, if you scrape a building it will get torn off? That sounds pretty cool.

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Make all objects barricades, that way, they can be placed.

By “objects” do you mean like objects in the editor, items in the player inventory, or something else?

Well, if it is place-able, then it has to be able to be put in the players inventory. I would like from 3.0, some of the smaller items, to be able to be placed; such as trash cans, tables and chairs ripped from locations, or even small fences. This is what I mean by objects.

I would actually be happy if cars had different health pools for different parts, even if generalized.

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