Car Radio And More Car Interns


Since i’ve been in a car for the first time i was Shocked by the radio, it Should Be Good Do it Again on unturned Maybe you can Find Travellers and sellers with it or maybe hided safezones from the map, or even contact other players, yeah it would be veeery Hard for nelson to put music or other stuff in it but imagine travelling on unturned with music that you like, And I Would Like To Add a Trunk on a car so you can use it for storage like unturned I With Chests, And i Would Likely add One time use airbags So You can Save your life, and some detailed intern of the car, not 2D but at least Some Textures Inside the car, Oh and put windowshield and more Windows. Thank you For Reading! :wink:


Radios have been discussed to death already, currently, Nelson has no intention of adding a radio, unless it is like the one we already have.

Car trunks should be added, but I don’t think items like airbags should be added, because I’m not sure players will take physical damage when crashing a car.


This is already a thing in 3.0


that’s not a thing in unturned, I’m not saying to place 2 chests in back of the car, but trunk…


That’s a thing that i would add to Unturned, damage with the car when crashed into a wall or stuff


Cars already get damaged when crashing into objects.


Vehicles have storage space. Just open up your inventory while your in a car.


Vehicles don’t have anything in 4.X.


Because vehicles don’t exist yet in 4.x


i mean damage to the player…


It’s just a suggestion


you think so?


yeah actually, I understand what your suggesting XD, I was being slightly sarcastic.


That’s Cool