Car Radios/Regular Radios

For unturned II I was thinking It would be really cool to have cars with radios. I know it’s been reccomended for music playing and such but I was thinking more general communication. Same thing with the stereo. Essentially my idea is you tune into a channel and you can listen to messages same way walkie talkies work in 3.0 and the same thing with stereos. I think that’d be really cool so on servers if you need help with something or want to just tell everyone about something they can all tune in on a radio station. Maybe not give this to everyone but have a buildable/ item that would allow you to send wider messages. IDK just an idea, also sorry if it’s been suggested before.

If I’m not mistaken, Nelson has already confirmed car radios in UTII. But regarding regular radios (i.e. Walkie Talkies) I am almost certain that there isn’t anything confirmed in that area. But take a look at the confirmed features, upcoming and planned ones here:

It would be cool if military, taxi and police cars had built in radios you could use to communicate with people using walkie talkies, that would be very interesting and would make for some cool gameplay.

Cool idea, maybe there could also be broadcasting stations that can broadcast messages over FM long-range frequencies.

Dare I say, RP radios would be quite cool.

I’ve suggested a repeating alert of an infectious disease. Just to add immersion. (BTW, these voices are usually robotic, so yeah. No need for voice actors.)

Thats cool, but it should be kind of a creepy voice, its just a nice detail.

Watch nylexs new role-playing series. It has the type of voice the government would send out. Though imagine a bit more robotic.

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