Cars and Heat

As we all (except that salty sea dog) know, if a car is left in the sun for long enough, it will get hotter, sometimes to the point where even sitting in it makes you feel like your skin is melting away. If you were in a hot environment, like a desert (assuming a heat death function is included in 4.x) being in a car could still kill you, or dehydrate you. Or even overheat the car, causing it to break down.
In order to prevent this indirect death from the sun, your car would come with an AC and a Heater, so you would just turn on the appropriate function, and then BAM, you are no longer overheated. However, using the AC or the heater will lower your car’s battery ever so slightly, it might even break parts of the car, like the heater (if warming up) or the evaporator core could be full of mould or mildew, weakening the effects of the AC.
If you’re in a blizzard and hop in your car to be safe, you would have to turn on your heater, however, if there’s a leak in any part of the heater your car, the heater might pump some not so friendly chemicals into the air of your car.

TL:DR; Don’t make cars immune to heat like in 3.x and allow for parts of the car to break.


Decent idea :smiley:

Godd idea, except for the battery, the alternator wont let the baterry die if the car is on, and if the car is off, the ac doesn’t even work, just the regular ventilation sistem, wich would not change the temperature at all, because it wouldn’t cool dow or heat up your car. What shoul happen is the air filter get dirty, and it makes your radiation bar (or whatever that green bar is called) go up.


now THIS is actually epic

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Can you actually die from sitting in a hot car

I mean except for when its not on fire ofc

heat exhaustion/heat stroke; Yes.

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jesus fuck

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There’s many instances, at least in North America, of pets and babies being forgotten in a car and dying from the heat. Even happened to a K9 unit’s dog once.

Lesson being A) cars are literally metal/glass heat traps and B) check the car before you leave ffs


I feel like dying from the car heating thing could be sped up if you have heavy clothes or something. Maybe add a perk to not having clothes at all, being immune to car heat? :thinking:

Maybe the AC would actually increase heat damage to the car, while keeping you cool, and the heater would actually decrease heat damage to the car, but heat you up faster.

Hmm perhaps

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