Change the graphics

Make it look like a mix of “Firewatch” or “The Witness.”

just no…

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Nelson has said in the past several times that he likes those two games’ art styles, and has considered them for 4.

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ehh just kidding, I cant remember what the graphics are like for those games xd


Me like. 10 characters.

Reminds me of The Long Dark

Okay, i agree now

WHAT, THAT??? Nice style, but terrible for Unturned!

lol what ? Both games art-styles are great and I would totally play Unturned with something similar.

It would be great for zombie game to have style like ZombiU (yeah yea I really like this game) or Left4dead, but it should be a little bit brighter

I like the Unturned style, and it should not change. But Nelson could add filters with different looks, so you can use that look you prefer. (The filters should change the shaders and maybe the textures, but not the models)

Unturned style has already “changed,” if you’ve looked into any of the devblogs. If you don’t consider any of the stuff already shown as “changed,” then I am unsure of what the problem is. This is the same idea, except being applied to the landscape and such.

I have seen the devlogs. But so every player could play in the style he prefer.

It doesn’t work like a resource pack in Minecraft.

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This. Sliders for textures and models don’t work because each will have subtle advantages and disadvantages. It’ll be even worse if they’re independent because it’ll act as Ghillie Problem 2.0.

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nope. tha will totally destroy unturned

What? New textures or filters?

I think it should probably be left to third parties to make Unturned 4.X have different styles. Let Nelson make the game look how he likes in Vanilla. It might be nice if he makes it simple for modders to apply different filters, and textures to the game. I wouldn’t boycott the game if that functionality wasn’t there though.