Change this site to a forum hosted by Xenforo

I know Nelson probably spent weeks making this site, but honestly it’s pretty trash. Only a few threads on a frontpage, minimal graphics, and finding old threads will be near impossible without searching. What I suggest is switching over to Xenforo forums. Not only will it be more visually appealing, but it would also make a far more user-friendly forum site.

Here’s some screencaps I took of a TF2 Server I run’s forum page.



I’d be personally able to help Nelson with the installation of the Discord and Shoutbox plugins, as well as permissions for different levels of site administration, as I’ve numerous years of working on Xenforo sites as personal experience.

Plus you get cool chat colors and sizing options for even more vibrant and creative discussions.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and concerns below. If you have any questions just @ me and I’ll talk to you about Discourse vs Xenforo

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Personally, I prefer this forum.


I can really recommend xenforo and I personally think it is much better than discourse. I own 4 licenses and have been with them since they released their first beta.

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I think this forum is not bad, what would be advantages of switching to ‘Xenforo’?


I prefer discourse, it is a very reliable and “different” forum. Made by Stackoverflows creators afaik.
Its also fully open source. Its much more responsive than Xenforo, has instant notifications, thread updates etc

The screenshots you posted look too bloated to me. To be honest I like the minimalism of Discourse more.



oh god not you.

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Xenforo has a better community feel IMHO, discourse feels too unorganised.

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I spent around 30 minutes using this forum and I already feel familiar with it, I see no reason to change, I like badges and profiles here.


You get used to it.
Xenforo feels like 2010, Discourse like 2016/2017 with cutting edge technologies lol



oh god not you.

Please be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed, I think this site looks beautiful


don’t worry, I am! :3


Shouldn’t this technically be working for BBCode?

E: Strikethrough works
Bold works

HTML doesn't work either.

<p style="color:#FF0000";>HTML doesn't work either.</p>

Underlining works however.

So does headings, not precise size of text so far.

But it says that it should work… so why doesn’t it?

Even if you could use BBCode here, I find a simple color palette much easier than inserting code every time you want to change colors. My showcase was done all in under four minutes due to simple buttons that you can toggle on or off throughout a sentance.

There’s lot of formatting options here too, I don’t see how couple formatting options should be reason to completely switch forums though.


To be honest I think colored texts are annoying anyway. Much abused by kids


I guess I don’t really care what this site uses, but if I could choose, I would choose XF. It can be extended much further than just posts, for example XF has the resource manager, wiki plugins and other things that could extend this site further than just a small unorganised forum.